New 2022 Honda Civic Redesign, Pricing, Release Date

New 2022 Honda Civic Release Date

One of the world’s most popular compact cars is coming with an update in 2022. Reports indicate that the Honda Civic 2022 will be an exciting model. It is already marked to be accommodating, practical, and spacious even for its size. We expect lots of improvements and updates on the car. Given the fact that Honda has always gone above and beyond to dish out sensible improvements, we can’t expect anything less from the next 11th generation Civic.

The 2022 Honda Civic is a sleek car in which will remain in sedan and hatchback body designs. The sedan will be readily available as a sportier Si unit and the hatchback will deliver a high-performance Type R. The 11th-generation Civic will not come as a coupe. Some other compacts that come as a sedan or hatchback include the Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3, and Subaru Impreza.

New 2022 Honda Civic front view
New 2022 Honda Civic front view
New 2022 Honda Civic Release Date
New 2022 Honda Civic Release Date

What To Expect From The Design

It’s a significantly look cleaner compare to the existing version, with minor appearing and simpler revealing.  From recent images of the car, the new design will be wholesale changes at the very least. The design will have a calmer look compared to the loud design of the car’s current make. The images indicate that the 2022 Honda Civic will have a long hood and compact grille. Besides, rather than the standard C-shaped taillights units, users can expect an updated taillight.

New 2022 Honda Civic Interior Prototype
New 2022 Honda Civic Interior Prototype

It is not just the exterior that is getting a makeover; the interior is also getting a whole new look. The inside of the car is what many are already calling a modern-day cabin. Regular updates like the latest infotainment system and touchscreen can be expected. In regards to evolutionary changes, there are strong indications that a push-button shifter with auto transmission would replace the regular gear stalk.

What to expect from 2022 Honda Civic Engines

It is unlikely that Honda will change their current line up, so we expect the 2022 Honda CRV to house a turbocharged 1.5-L four-cylinder engine. With that, users can get around 174 to 180 hp and 162 to 177 lb-ft of torque. For this model, we don’t expect any hybrid powertrain or even a 2.0-L four-cylinder engine.

There might be little or no changes to CVT. This would afford the chance to people who want the option of either changing their gears or going the automatic route.

Body styles

We’ve already hinted that there would be evolutionary changes to the 2022 Civic. Honda, as a brand, has placed a keen emphasis on body styles and designs. The quest for perfection and market dominance has led to the discontinuation of the Civic Coupe and a break in Civic Si production. Honda is placing lots of emphasis on popular choices like the Civic Hatchback.

Notwithstanding, the 2022 Honda Civic will be available in several trim levels. We can expect variations ranging from LX, EX, EX-L, and more.

New 2022 Honda Civic Redesign
New 2022 Honda Civic Redesign

The Civic Hatchback will continue to be a best option for customers searching for powerful performance and more cargo room. The Type R is anticipated to carry on giving excites for individuals who really love driving. Gossips claim the hot hatch out will ultimately go hybrid

New 2022 Honda Civic Prices and Release Date

The release date and prices are still unknown. But if recent changes are anything to go by, we can expect an increase in prices. The prices would range from $20,000 to around $26,155. The 2022 Honda Civic sedan goes on sale in late spring 2021 and will be followed by the hatchback, sporty Si, as well as performance Type R models.


The 2022 Honda Civic will have softer and less angular lines. We expect the car will have fewer corners and creases. Expect a wide taillights and headlights and a more structured grille. The body of the car will be more comprehensive and more extended. The new model will have a more structured appearance rather than the sporty look of the current model. Expect a more improved dashboard design, steering wheel, and a responsive touchscreen.


Thanks to leaked photos and insider info, we’ve only had a glimpse of the 11th generation Civic in Type R form. With smaller wheels and a few additions, there is a lot to expect from the 2022 Honda Civic. Honda has revealed that we can expect the 2022 Honda Civic in Si, Sedan, Type R, and Hatchback models. Insiders believe the Type R will come as a hatchback, while the Si is a sedan. We might not be surprised to see a 2022 Honda Civic Si Hatchback.

We would soon find out about other details about the 2022 Honda Civic soon.

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